Trade Name

Multiple Sclerosis

Supraselective Neutrojen M 150
(IV / Intrathecal)

Neutrojen M 150

Anti-inflammatory, Immunosuppression, neurogenesis, endothelial regeneration, remyelination through oligodendrocyte regeneration

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis
Supraselective Neutrojen A 150
(IV / Intrathecal)
Neutrojen A 150
Immunosuppression, neurogenesis, revascularization
Parkinson’s Disease
Supraselective Neutrojen P 50
Neutrojen P 50
Revascularization in the substantia nigra; enhancing dopamine production
Cerebral Palsy
Supraselective Neutrojen C 130
Neutrojen C 130
Neurogenesis and Revascularization
Supraselective Neutrojen Au 100
Neutrojen Au 100
Neurogenesis and Revascularization



Neutrojen M 150

Ready to administer, Neutrojen M-150 prefilled stem cell injections (as featured here). Neutrojen M-150 is specially formulated for the treatment and reversal of symptoms in Multiple Sclerosis patients. Our Neutrojen series stem cell products are focused on neurogenesis and revascularization in the most debilitating neurodegenerative conditions.

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