Stem cells


Allogenic products

Adult stem cell products
Min. Qty. per Vial
Allogeneic tissue source

Human Mononuclear cells

CD 34+ CD90-, CD 34 CD90+, CD 90+ CD 34-, CD 90+ CD 105-, CD 90+ CD 105+, CD 105+ CD 90-, CD 34+ CD 105-, CD 34+ CD 105+, CD 105+ CD 34-

55 Million

Umbilical Cord blood

Human Mesenchymal stem cells

CD90, CD70, CD105

70 Million

Umbilical Cord (Wharton’s jelly) / adipose

Mesenchymal – NTF stem cells

MSCs Secreting Neurotrophic Factor; canonical Nerve Growth Factor

7 Million

Umbilical Cord blood (Wharton’s jelly) / adipose

Hematopoietic stem cells


4 Million

Umbilical Cord blood

Hematopoietic Progenitors

CD34 antigen

4 Million

Umbilical Cord blood

Neural Progenitors

CD15, CD24, CD29

3 Million

Proprietary method

Neural stem cells

CD15, CD24, CD29, Multipotent

7 Million

Proprietary method

Human Umbilical Vein Endothelial cells

Cytokine production; CD4+, CD25+, regulatory T cells

7 Million

Endothelium of veins: umbilical cord

Human Umbilical Artery Endothelial cells

vWF/Factor VIII, CD-31

7 Million

Endothelium of arteries: umbilical cord

Platelet Rich Plasma

Leukocyte-rich PRP (L-PRP), leukocyte reduced PRP (P-PRP; leukocyte reduced or pure PRP), leukocyte platelet-rich fibrin and pure platelet-rich fibrin

12 cc

Whole blood

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